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Choose your pricing plan

  • Weekly loaf

    Every week
    Perfect for anyone who wants a loaf per week on the day we are in your area
    • 1 large loaf per week from our classics selection
  • Tasting

    Every week
    For those who want a regular selection of bread
    • 3 medium loaves per week including 1 classic and 2 flavoured
    • 2 individual sweet items per week
    • over 2/3 deliveries per week depending on location
  • Premium family

    Every week
    Perfect for the family that loves sourdough
    • 3 large loaves per week
    • 1 of which is classic
    • 2 of which are flavoured
    • 4 individual sweet items
    • based over 2or3 deliveries per week
  • Twice per week family

    Every week
    for those who want twice weekly deliveries of family white or extra fibre loaves
    • 2 family loaves of either white or extra fibre
  • medium loaf x2 per week

    Every week
    any 2 medium loaves per week
    • Family +

      Every week
      perfect for a family who like a treat
      • 1 large loaf from our breads with inclusions
      • 4 individual sweet items
    • weekly premium loaf

      Every week
      perfect for the adventurous foodie
      • large loaf from our added ingredients products weekly
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