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Artisan Bread delivered to your door.

Our vision is to bring the highest quality, Award winning bread to the people of Matlock and the surrounding areas. Sourdough Dave has over 20 years of experience in Michelin star and AA Rosetted restaurants. With this and our combination of experience in food manufacturing we bring top quality products to our customers with a Chefs creative touch!  

We are a Family run business and endeavour to put community at the heart of what we do, baking every morning and delivering the same day. 


Deliveries are Tuesday to Saturday with our personal, free delivery service to both residential properties and businesses within a 10km radius of Matlock. There is no minimum order to ensure our bread is accessible to all.

As you may guess from our name, we produce all our breads the same way in which they were created hundreds (and thousands) of years ago, using our naturally occurring home cultured starters. This is what gives our breads their characteristic texture and flavour (as well as all the lovely bubbles!).

No additives or processing aids all Sourdough should be. We use the best quality ingredients mixed with care, by hand, to produce the best tasting, top-quality, healthiest breads possible.